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    Mideer Magnetic Tiles Racing Track 115pcs

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    Mideer Magnetic Tiles allow light to permeate, transforming the magnetic tiles into a canvas for a play of light and vibrant colors. The robust magnetic force ensures the stability of each construction, bringing your conceptualizations to life.
    Racing Track is an exciting playset designed to fuel the imagination of children aged 3 and above. These magnetic tiles are ingeniously crafted with grooved tracks, transforming any surface into a thrilling racecourse. The set includes 115 pieces, allowing endless customization for budding architects and racing enthusiasts. The magnetic connection ensures a sturdy build, while the vibrant colors add an extra layer of visual appeal. Not only does this playset provide hours of entertainment, but it also promotes cognitive development, fine motor skills, and creativity.

    • Dazzling Transparency:¬†The high transparency design invites light to weave through, creating an interplay of light and shadow, inspiring inventive ideas.
    • Magnetic Stability:¬†The potent magnets guarantee the durability of each structure, maintaining the stability of your designs.
    • Large Size:¬†Tailored for children, the large-sized magnetic tiles ensure a secure grip, mitigating the risk of ingestion.
    • From 2D to 3D Construction for Brain Development:¬†Beyond flat surface creativity, these tiles enable the construction of¬†three-dimensional¬†structures, presenting a richer spatial experience. The building process serves as a catalyst for thought stimulation, fostering creativity and logical thinking skills.



    Child should be supervised when using product.

    Do not leave child alone to use the product.