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    Mideer Magnetic Tiles Marble Run 100pcs

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    Mideer Magnetic Tiles allow light to permeate, transforming the magnetic tiles into a canvas for a play of light and vibrant colors. The robust magnetic force ensures the stability of each construction, bringing your conceptualizations to life.
    • Dazzling Transparency: The high transparency design invites light to weave through, creating an interplay of light and shadow, inspiring inventive ideas.
    • Magnetic Stability: The potent magnets guarantee the durability of each structure, maintaining the stability of your designs.
    • Large Size: Tailored for children, the large-sized magnetic tiles ensure a secure grip, mitigating the risk of ingestion.
    • From 2D to 3D Construction for Brain Development: Beyond flat surface creativity, these tiles enable the construction of three-dimensional structures, presenting a richer spatial experience. The building process serves as a catalyst for thought stimulation, fostering creativity and logical thinking skills.



    Child should be supervised when using product.

    Do not leave child alone to use the product.