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    Breast Shield with Plug

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    Breast Shield with Plug

    This 2-in-1 Breast Shield works by slotting it into your bra to collect every drop while you latch or pump. Or just leave it in to allow your sensitive tips to have more space.

    A must-have for new mothers this shield can allow your nipples to breathe freely under clothing. Ideal for sore/cracked nipple recovery. Don't forget to apply your breast milk to the nipples for an instant remedy! 

    Comes with a plug cover. Remove the plug for better air circulation to speed up recovery.

    The product is sold in a set of 2.

    Care Guide 

    • Steam/Boil sterilise compatible

    Recommended to replace 3-6 months, depending on usage

    Note: Shields have a tiny opening on the side to easily pour out the collected breast milk. Kindly ensure it is placed upright to prevent spilling or leakage.