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    HugHug Pillow Set

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    Spongy microfiber cotton is wrapped with premium bamboo spandex fabric to ensure smoothness and softness. Machine washable. A warm and comfortable companion when playing, sitting or lying down. fluffy pillows are great for cuddling

    Pattern :

    • Little Zebra & Fox
    • 2 Color Stripe
    • Zebra Floral

    Come as a set.  Various sizes for selection.

    Material: Microfiber cotton for pillow stuffing.  Bamboo spandex for casing.


    • Size S – 13 cm x 30 cm (Pillowcase with ears and tail trims)
    • Size M – 17 cm x 39 cm (Pillowcase with ears and tail trims)
    • Size L – 25 cm x 50 cm (Pillowcase with ears; hands and tail trims)
    • Size XL – 32 cm x 90 cm (Pillowcase with no trim)